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28mm Ion Age: Prydian - Muster Platoon


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Ion Age 28mm Gaming Miniatures

The Ion Age - 28mm Prydian Precinct

Muster Platoon

The Prydian Army is composed of many millions of Human soldiers from the vast Planetary Militia to the massed ranks of the steadfast Muster and the regiments of the proud Retained Knights. There are other troop types too such as the super heavy Desteria Knights, the illustrious Starvaulters and more. The uniform of the Prydian Army is the famous red and white but these codes can be given any colours you desire for other Baronial Forces, Private Armies, Condots (Mercenaries) and more.

This "Platoon Pack" provides a command element, a support element, a rifle element and a second dynamic rifle element taken from the clam shell armoured troopers of the Prydian Army. These troops can be used for any Marcher Baron, League, or Condot organisation in play.

Miniatures that makeup this pack are from codes IB06, IB08, IB09 and IB10.


  • IB06 Muster Platoon Command Squad
    • IA021 Muster Centaris, officer, Octa Sword and Tumbler Mpi
    • IA022 Muster Majoris, officer, Medic
    • IA023 Muster Private, Comms or Loader
    • IA024 Muster Majoris, officer, Moth Type 6 Rifle
  • IB08 Muster Heavy Weapons Squad
    • IA029 Muster Private, Anvil 888 Launcher
    • IA030 Muster Emeritas, Moth Type 6 Rifle
    • IA031 Muster Private, Hobbs Bomb
    • IA032 Muster Private, Loader, Moth Type 6 Rifle
  • IB09 Muster Privates Squad
    • IA033 Muster Private, firing Moth Type 6 Rifle
    • IA034 Muster Private, readying his Moth Type 6 Rifle
    • IA035 Muster Private, across chest has Moth Type 6 Rifle
    • IA036 Muster Private, standing with Moth Type 6 Rifle
  • IB10 Muster Pointmen Squad
    • IA037 Muster Private, shooting Moth Type 6 Rifle
    • IA038 Muster Private, advancing Moth Type 6 Rifle
    • IA039 Muster Private, running with Moth Type 6 Rifle
    • IA040 Muster Private, hip firing Moth Type 6 Rifle

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  • Scale: 28mm (1:56)
  • Material: White Metal
  • Bases Sold Separately

Miniatures supplied unpainted - some assembly may be required

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