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  • Battlestar Galactica
    Battlestar Galactica
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    The Cylons were created by man. They evolved. They rebelled.

    Ater 4,571 days, the Cylon War ended with a sudden armistice. Peace lasted 40 years. But now the Cylons are back, as fierce and combative as ever. They want to exterminate what remains of Mankind. And they have a plan.

    The Twelve Colonies are wasted and in ruins. But the Colonial Fleet is there, to face Cylon spaceships and protect what it is left of Mankind.

  • Combat Assault Vehicle
    Combat Assault Vehicle
    Shop Dark Horse Hobbies for your Combat Assault Vehicle [C.A.V.] Tabletop Wargame complete with Miniatures, Scenery and More!

    Fun, Fast, and Furious Futuristic Battles

    The UCOR war is over, but the seeds of discord it planted bore bitter fruit, the Second Galactic War. Choose your political alignment in this new era and join up as the various factions struggle for dominance.

  • 10mm Pendraken Sci-Fi
    10mm Pendraken Sci-Fi
    Shop for Pendraken 10mm Scale Science Fiction Tabletop Wargaming Miniatures at Dark Horse Hobbies - Today!

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