Sails of Glory: Starter Set - Napoleonic Wars


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Sails of Glory - Napoleonic War Era Tall Ship Tabletop Wargame

Sails of Glory: Starter Set - Napoleonic Wars

Average Game Time
30+ minutes
Number of Players
2+ players
more than 4 players require additional game sets
Recommended Ages
Ages 13+

In Sails of Glory® you will sail and fight with massive ships-of-the-line or swift frigates, in an age where the armies and fleets of the French Emperor Napoleon I battled across the seas, as well as on the fields of Europe, and the powerful Royal Navy of the British Empire clashed against the French from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, in dramatic naval battles, such as Trafalgar and the Battle of the Nile.

An all-in-one starting point to begin playing Sails of Glory. Includes four fully painted and assembled ships and everything you need to start playing. This Starter Set is a complete game for 2-4 players, and also the entry point to a game system that allows players to recreate the epic naval battles of the “Age of Sail”.

Fast playing and easy-to-learn, Sails of Glory uses pre-painted and assembled ship miniatures and an innovative movement mechanic, inspired by the acclaimed system used in the Wings of Glory® air combat game.


  • Four 1/1000 scale ships with their specific gaming bases
  • 4 maneuver decks
  • 32-page full color rulebook (including fast-play rules)
  • 4 ship logs
  • 2 measuring rulers
  • 6 punchboards of counters, tokens and markers

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Sails of Glory: Starter Set - Napoleonic Wars

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Number of Players: 2+
Length: 30+
Age: 13+

Box Size: 40 x 27 x 8.5 cm
Weight: -
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