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Master Series Paint: Pathfinder Colors of Golarion - Paint Set 1

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Master Series Paint - Officially Licensed Pathfinder Colors of Golarion Hobby Miniatures Paint System

Master Series Paint: Colors of Golarion - Paint Set #1

Colors from Pathfinder's Golarion setting

Reaper Master Series Paints are formulated specifically for painting miniatures of all sizes and types. Great for painting D&D characters, Fantasy armies, Combat Assault Vehicle and Battletech machines, and virtually any plastic, metal or resin models.

Reaper Paint mixes easily for adjusting colors and applying additives for artistic effects and by default dries matte. Non-Hazardous water-based acrylic paint base. Safe to handle and easy to clean with warm water. Exact colors may vary from the colors on your screen. Some Freezing can occur depending on shipping and storage conditions.

The dropper cap system enables you to administer the desired amount of paint you want onto a wet palette, into an airbrush cup or a mixing cup. This design also helps prevent waste and paint drying out even if left opened while you’re painting miniatures.

This paint set includes 28 half-ounce (.5 oz) bottles of Officially Licensed Pathfinder: Colors of Golarion acrylic paints, specifically designed for miniatures painting. Pathfinder Paints are ideal for metal, resin, or plastic miniatures!

Officially Licensed Paint Colors from Pathfinder's Golarion setting

Set Contains One Each

  • 89501 Shelyn Blush
  • 89502 Milani Rose
  • 89503 Sinspawn Pink
  • 89504 Seon iScarlet
  • 89505 Merisiel Red
  • 89506 Cailean Wine
  • 89507 Asmodeus Red
  • 89508 Urgathoa Red
  • 89509 Cavalier Orange
  • 89510 Numeria Rust
  • 89511 Osirian Sand
  • 89512 Cairn Stone
  • 89513 Calistria Yellow
  • 89514 Sarenrae Yellow
  • 89515 Boggard Green
  • 89516 Alchemical Green
  • 89517 Lini Green
  • 89518 Tian Xia Jade
  • 89519 Goblin Green
  • 89520 Hodag Green
  • 89521 Medusa Green
  • 89522 Grindylow Blue
  • 89523 Akata Blue
  • 89524 Ice Devil Blue
  • 89525 Irrisen Blue
  • 89526 Marid Blue
  • 89527 Andoran Blue
  • 89528 Ezren Blue

More Information

  • Excellent for thinned paint applications like layering, washes and glazes
  • Smooth and fluid right out of the bottle means less thinning required
  • Enhanced flow properties make painting small details easier
  • A large selection of colors including metallics
  • 100% compatible with the MSP Core and MSP Bones ranges of paint
  • Sold in 1/2 oz (14.78ml) plastic dropper bottles
  • Non-Toxic, Water Soluble, Easy to clean
  • Dries matte
  • Airbrush-friendly
  • Shake Well Before Using
  • Do Not Freeze

Airbrush Tips: Different paints thin differently so we can't give you mixture ratios, but acrylics should never be thinned with more than 25% water as it negatively affects the ability of the polymer molecules to form a stable film. We recommend using ONLY acrylic thinners or mediums such as Vallejo Airbrush Thinner, Liquitex Airbrush Medium, or Golden Acrylic Flow Release as alternatives to the MSP Flow Improver as other solutions may be hazardous when aerosolized from an airbrush.

Acrylic Factoids: Acrylic paint becomes brittle in temperatures below 45 degrees and softens in temperatures nearing 140 degrees. Acrylic paint may also fade under ultraviolet light and without an adequate sealer coat, may attract dust or dirt particles making them part of the film.

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Master Series Paint: Pathfinder Colors of Golarion - Paint Set 1

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