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Steampunk Dice Bag


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Steampunk Dice Bag

Linen bags designed to store the whole set of your treasures together and keep their power under control until it is time to use them. These bags prevent your precious dice from wandering around so that you know exactly where they are when it is time to summon them again. With numerous bag designs, you can choose the one that will give others a hint of what to expect inside, even before the session starts...

Groundbreaking invention - a multidimensional bag from Dr. Huss that allows for the storage of your dice in X-space, where they gain miraculous properties - bring happiness, and apparently according to Dr. Huss also cure many diseases, and not only physical ones. Try it out!

Bag Dimensions:

  • 4-3/8" (11cm) x 4-3/4" (12cm) x 3/16" (0.5cm)

Please note that bag dimensions are approximate.

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Steampunk Dice Bag

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