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Cold War Commander II: Rulebook



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Cold War Commander II Rulebook

Cold War Commander is an exciting set of fast play wargame rules that allows you to recreate combined arms operations covering the Cold War and post-Cold War era.

Players each take command of a Battlegroup, which can be anything from a company right up to a division. These rules provide a good balance between playability and historical accuracy, allowing players to successfully use real-world tactics in a game system that is easy to use and fast to play. The rules are suitable for solo, two-player and multi-player games, at home, at the club, or at a tournament.

Cold War Commander covers the period from the end of the Second World War through until the early 1990’s.

  • Suitable for any scale miniatures, from 2mm right up to 28mm
  • Simple command system that emphasises the fog of war
  • Effective mechanism for casualty resolution
  • Rules for infantry, tanks, artillery, recce, aircraft and engineers
  • Flexible figure ratio meaning one base represents a platoon
  • Minimal setup time, simply assemble your forces and play
  • Contains 3 army lists in the book and extensive lists online
  • Includes 15 scenarios suitable for any nation and theatre
  • Suitable for solo, two player or multi-player games
  • Everything you need to play in one book

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  • 1x Cold War Commander II Rulebook

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  • Format: A4 Softcover
  • Pages: 120 pages
  • Author: Mark Fry
  • Publisher: Pendraken Miniatures

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