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10mm Feudal Japan: Mounted Samurai with Naginata



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Pendraken 10mm Feudal Japan Mounted Samurai with Naginata

Feudal Japan was divided into numerous provinces, each ruled over by warlords or daimyo constantly vying for power and recognition by the emperor, to whom nominal fealty was owed, but in practice the daimyo ruled their provinces as they saw fit and conflict between rival warlords was common.

The wars of this period saw rapid changes in arms and tactics and, although the samurai remained the ultimate warrior, weapons such as the naginata were steadily replaced by the yari. Firearms were introduced by the Portuguese in 1543 and were quickly adopted – by the end of the Sengoku Period it is estimated that there were more firearms in Japan than in many European nations.

Package Contains

  • 15x Mounted/Cavalry model figures (2 poses)

More Information

  • Scale: 10mm (1:150)
  • Materials: White Metal

Models supplied unpainted, may require assembly

Please Note:Models supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Scenery, glue and paint not included unless otherwise noted.
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Caution:Pendraken Miniatures white metal products contain lead and are not suitable for children under 12 years of age. (Choking Hazard)
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