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Gamers Grass: 4mm Grass Tufts - Alien Neon



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Gamers Grass - Alien Neon 4mm Tufts (Wild)

GamersGrass tufts come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors to provide the most realistic look possible to your finished models and are ready to be placed on your scenery bases or dioramas right away - straight out of the package.

About this Product

These tufts have bright blue and pink colors mixed together that create a very strong and baffling look of alien plants and magical herbs for your imaginary worlds. Combined with other colors and sizes they provide a perplexing color variation to your models, scenes, or dioramas.

Package Information

This sheet contains around 70 different shaped and sized tufts for your scale models, hobby figures and scenic dioramas.

Tufts peel off the sheet one by one and are ready to use immediately.


Note: Each GamersGrass tuft package comes with two sheets (5.5cm * 8cm each) of the same color/shape inside.

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