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Knuckleduster Cowtown Creator Book



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Gunfighter's Ball - 25mm Heroic Scale Old West Miniatures

Knuckleduster Cowtown Creator Book

Create an Authentic Cowtown Setting For Any Western Role-Playing Game!

The Cowtown Creator provides you with all the information you need to design a Western town for your next role-playing campaign, short story, or penny dreadful. Each chapter covers a different type of institution or commercial establishment, providing the designer with a wealth of historical detail. Like the Firearms Shop, the Cowtown Creator is a Universal Sourcebook, containing over 200 pages of information for ANY GAME SYSTEM, including the 3rd edition of the world's most popular role-playing game! (Additional information is provided in a special appendix for both versions of Deadlands (TM) and FUDGE).


  • A classification system for quickly generating a fictional town
  • Floor plans for saloons, dance halls, variety theaters, banks, blacksmiths, and other establishments
  • Rules for old gambling games like faro and vingt-et-un
  • Lists, lists, and more lists: saloon names, character names, drink names, and merchandise prices
  • Character descriptions and numerous historical anecdotes proving beyond doubt that TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION!
  • SUPERBLY ILLUSTRATED with numerous maps, diagrams, historical photographs, period engravings, and original artwork.

This resource book is a great aid for any Game Master, regardless of actual historical knowledge, creating scenarios or running games for Gunfighter’s Ball, manufactured by Knuckleduster Miniatures.

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  • Written by Forrest Hall with Rob Lusk, Phill Web, and illustrations by Rick Harris
  • Release Date: March, 2002
  • Format: Softcover, 250 pages
  • ISBN 0-9667046-3-0

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Knuckleduster Cowtown Creator Book

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Cowtown Creator

If you enjoy the Western setting in the mid to late 1800's in the USA, you'll enjoy this book. Not only is it a great primer on what one might encounter in an American western cowtown, it has a really simple but flavor filled encounter/scenario generator. Stuck for a period name for your character? No problem! This book offers nearly endless possibilities for literally countless hours for ANY western role playing game! Highly recommended and is a great value for the money in this reviewer's opinion.

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