Gunfighter's Ball: Pinkerton Faction Pack

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Gunfighter's Ball - 25mm Heroic Scale Old West Miniatures

Gunfighter's Ball: Pinkerton Faction Pack

The Pinkerton Agency were the first rent-a-cop outfit in the US, providing private security for the US Government as well as large business concerns. This set includes several Pinkerton Men, as well as one Wells-Fargo "shotgun messenger," a guard for stagecoaches and other situations where large amounts of money were handled.

Large 28mm or "heroic" scale, which is 32mm to top of head on average. Matches Dead Man's Hand, Copplestone, and other modern "28mm" ranges.

Package Contains

  • 6x miniature Pinkerton figure models
  • MDF slotta bases included

More Information

  • Sculpted by Forrest Hall
  • Scale: 28mm (1:64)
  • Materials: Lead-Free Pewter

Models supplied unpainted - some assembly required



Gunfighters Ball Album - Character Painting Reference (July 2020)

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Gunfighter's Ball: Pinkerton Faction Pack

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