Pirates of the DragonSpine Sea II Boxed Set

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Dark Heaven Legends - 25mm Heroic Scale Fantasy Miniatures

Pirates of the DragonSpine Sea II Boxed Set

The Pirates of the DragonSpine Sea II boxed set contains one each of the following figures:

  • 01420: Pirate Sophie
  • 03241: Aroudj Firebeard
  • 03242: Rozmina, Half-Orc Female Pirate
  • 03251: Finaela, Half Elf Pirate
  • 03252: Anatole, Male Pirate Harpooner
  • 03261: Bergo Ironbelly, Halfling Pirate

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  • Sculpted by Various Artists
  • Scale: 25mm Heroic
  • Material: Lead-Free Pewter

Models supplied unpainted - some assembly may be required.

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Pirates of the DragonSpine Sea II Boxed Set

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Please Note:Models supplied unpainted - some assembly required. Scenery, glue and paint not included unless otherwise noted. Contents may vary from those shown.
Images:At Dark Horse Hobbies we strive to ensure that images are a correct representation of the product - though contents may vary from that shown or depicted.
Painted Images:Painted images are provided where possible for you to visualize what the model can look like when completed. Various factors can affect the quality of the finished model - individual results may vary.
Scale Note:While these models are "officially" 25mm Heroic Scale, they are tagged as 28mm Scale Miniatures and will work well with most any other 25-28mm scale models.
Availability:Special Orders, Pre-Orders and Back Orders are subject to availability.

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