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Old West - Tabletop Gaming Resources (Downloads)

The collecting of Old West miniatures and figures has been a hobby by itself for quite some time. With the advent of playable and engaging rule sets such as Desperado and Gunfighter's Ball, the tabletop gaming side of this hobby genre has boomed! So to help everyone along that has an interest, but not sure where to turn for quality reference material, we hope you will find this page a valued resource on your journey to a fulfilling gaming and hobby experience set in the American Old West.

Our downloadable resources on this page will always be available for Free to enhance your tabletop gaming and old west figure modelling / collector hobby.

Please Note that all links on this page will now download the files from our blog site.

You can click the following link to visit the Old West / Gunfighter's Ball - Game Resources Page on the Dark Horse Hobbies Blog for the most recent content available for the game (the blog resource page gets updated first).

Gunfighter's Ball Download Links

Page Last Updated: 6-12-2022