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Most Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you handle backorders and out of stock items?

    Our system does not currently handle backorders and all orders are shipped complete. If your order contains an out of stock item or items, the order will be held until the item(s) have been restocked. If we are unable to obtain a restock within the time estimate given for the missing item(s) on the website, the balance of your order will be shipped as soon as it has been determined that we are unable to resolve the no-stock situation, the item(s) that could not be restocked are then dropped from the order. Once the order has been shipped, a credit plus 10% (of the credit amount) will be issued to your account in the form of a credit voucher for the purchase price of any items that were dropped from the order/shipment.

  2. Can I pickup my order if I live in the area?

    Short answer is Yes; But please CALL/EMAIL and CONFIRM before you travel, because of our travel schedule, it would be impossible to sit on standby to leave for a show or other obligations while waiting on a customer to pickup an order.

    Short answer is temporarily No - we are still working on our new building and until the move has been completed, the disarray caused simply adds more complication to our transition and schedule.

Common Questions

  1. Do you have a brick and mortar store?

    Short answer is Yes; However we are working with a temporary gaming area in another commercial space and travel to regional Gaming Conventions with select merchandise at each show. Regular hours are currently not available.

  2. What happens if I am owed a refund but the card or payment method used is no longer valid?

    Your refund will be converted to a store credit in the form of a voucher that you can use on any future purchase(s). This process is not reverseable and will be done automatically.

  3. I see an item that does not have the "Add to Cart" button/option - why can't I order it?

    Because our system does not handle backorders, and some of our products take longer than 30 days to be restocked, you can only order those items when we have stock. This helps us to ensure that your order is more likely to be filled 100% than to have items dropped from your orders. For these items, you can elect to be notified by email when the item has been restocked by entering your email address in the "Notify me when available" box near where the "Add to Cart" button can usually be found. This also helps us to know what to order, especially if the item comes from a vendor with a large minimum order requirement.

    HINT: Also place the item in your wishlist with the quantity that you want - if the item appears in the notifications AND the wishlist reports, it will likely receive priority when the next purchase is made from the vendor that supplies the item(s).

  4. I see an item that says it is a Special Order Item but your website shows it is in stock...
    Can I order this item without delaying the rest of my order?

    When processing special order items, every once in awhile a delay occurs in the stock update and a Special Order Item intended for another customer order will show as being in stock. This should only be a momentary condition, but we suggest that you wait for at least one hour and then check the item status again. IF the item still shows it is In-Stock then your order should not be delayed if it contains that item. Should there be an issue with a Special Order item, we will contact you immediately upon discovery with the options available regarding the item and/or the order.

  5. Why do you ask for my gender and birthdate?

    We appreciate your loyalty and the trust you place in us in fulfilling your gaming and hobby needs, and as a token of our appreciation we provide a Thank You gift on that special day, and without your birthdate we have no way to provide that gift to you. Of course, you can choose to leave it blank if you do not want to receive our special birthday gift to you.

    The gender (and birthdate) question(s) help(s) us to understand the demographics of our customer base, which provides additional insight to us when purchasing, creating promotions and making other business decisions.

My Question was Not Answered

Thank You for your interest in OSG Enterprises (dba Dark Horse Hobbies) and our product offerings. If your question was not answered in this FAQ - please feel free to contact us at "Customer Service" using our online contact form (scroll down to the footer below) with your question and we will do our best to answer. Please be complete, but concise in your question/email so that we can provide a comprehensive and timely answer.

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Last Update: 05-25-2021

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