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Dystopian Legions: Core RULEBOOK 2.0



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Dystopian Legions: Core Rulebook 2.0

130 page A4 full colour softcover core rulebook for Dystopian Legions.

Crowley hid in the rubble. Across the shattered street a pulsing beam burst from the Automata's energy weapon. Shell fire, bombs, machine guns, shots, screams; the sounds were a cacophony of death and destruction. The Automata fired again, then turned and moved off with a half dozen others. The grind of tank tracks and roaring hiss of steam bikes could be heard nearby, and the drummers. Crowley licked his lips, hardly daring to move, he stretched for the strap of his Metford Rifle. Those drummers? That tattoo? That was the 13th Regiment of Foot. He might just survive his first trip to the battlefields of France after all...

Dystopian Legions 2.0 is an action-packed platoon level game designed to be played using the Spartan Games range of high quality 32mm scale miniatures. These rules have been designed to support a fast-flowing and highly tactical game, where commands are as vital to gameplay as your sections of line, support, and elite infantry, together with cavalry, ironclads and characters fight to win vital battlefield objectives.

Play as the Kingdom of Britannia, Federated States of America, Republique of France, Russian Coalition, Empire of the Blazing Sun, Prussian Empire or Covenant of Antarctica, along with their allies and mercenaries.

Dystopian Legions takes place in the same world war setting as the hugely popular fleet miniatures game Dystopian Wars. With this book, commanders of these great nations can now play their games of Victorian Super Science Fiction at the platoon level, carrying out skirmish-scale operations and actions vital to winning the larger war.

<4>Key aspects of the game include:

  • Brand New Book Design & Layout
  • Improved Core engine
  • Enhanced Force and Deployment rules
  • Ability to play Platoon level games
  • Diagrams and examples
  • Packed Full of colour photographs
  • Streamlined mechanics designed to speed up game play
  • New and improved Ironclad rules
  • New and improved Command & Control rules
  • Character & Sidekick Enhancement

There has never been a better time to rally your forces under your favorite nation’s battle flag.

So muster your soldiers, this is the infantry's war - this is Dystopian Legions!