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CAV: Almirithil Principality Emblems

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Combat Assault Vehicle [Strike Operations] - N Scale CAV Mecha Miniatures Decals

CAV: Almirithil Principality Emblems

CAV: Strike Operations is an all-new version of the classic mecha combat game by Reaper Miniatures and developed by Talon Games.

Set in the 23rd century CAV: Strike Operations brings the action as mighty star nations clash throughout the galaxy for ultimate control, the bulk of their fighting forces made up of the mighty CAVs and their elite pilots!

As the official supplier of CAV: Strike Operations decals, Fighting Pirannha Graphics produces high-quality water-slide decals that is sure to bring your favorite CAV mini to a new level of detail!

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  • FPG uses decal-specific printers on the highest quality water-slide paper to make sure each decal is perfect. All colors are "white-backed" so they will not fade, remaining vibrant against even the darkest of paint colors.
  • Each sheet contains over sixty decals in several sizes so you can find just the right one for your project!