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Shop for Historical Gaming Miniatures at Dark Horse Hobbies - Today!
  • Aircraft Miniatures
    Aircraft Miniatures
    Shop Dark Horse Hobbies for Historical Aircraft Miniatures for tabletop gaming - Today!
  • 10mm Pendraken Historical
    10mm Pendraken Historical
    Pendraken 10mm Scale Historical Wargame Miniatures at Dark Horse Hobbies!
    Pendraken Miniatures Founded in 1992, is now the largest manufacturer of 10mm wargame miniatures, with nearly 4000 products spread across more than 200 ranges. If you're interested in "large scale" battles on the tabletop, you'll enjoy deploying these troops!
  • 28mm Footsore Historical
    28mm Footsore Historical
    Shop Dark Horse Hobbies for Footsore Miniatures Tabletop Wargaming Figures, Scenery and Games!
    We will soon be stocking Footsore Miniatures for Historical Gaming beginning with Feudal Japan, and Baron's War. The other systems/ranges produced by Footsore will be added for special orders until we have a sufficient inventory to expand the stocking levels into those systems/ranges.
  • 28mm Milita Miniatures
    28mm Milita Miniatures
    Shop Dark Horse Hobbies for Milita Miniatures Tabletop Skirmish Wargame complete with Miniatures, Scenery and More! (by Pendraken Miniatures)

    Ever wanted to wage your own "War on Drugs" or plan your own "Anti-Terrorism" operations... Go ahead, launch your own Task Force or Response Team and show 'em how to keep the world safe!

    ADDING STOCK NOW! - we are now randomly adding stock to this figure line with every order we place.

  • Gunfighter's Ball
    Gunfighter's Ball
    Shop Dark Horse Hobbies for Gunfighter's Ball Tabletop Skirmish Wargame complete with Miniatures, Scenery and More! (by Knuckleduster Miniatures)

    Ever wanted to be Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp, or maybe you have a darker side and wanted to live on the edge as a gunslinger. Then Gunfighter's Ball will put you right in the heart of the 1870's American West... Go ahead, ride into town and show 'em how the Wild West was won!

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