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The Colonial period saw the British Empire fighting enemies as diverse as the Afghans and the tribal raiders of the Northern Frontier to dangers and revolts on the African continent all while being forced to play "The Great Game" with Russia.

  • 10mm Indian Mutiny (1857-1858)
    10mm Indian Mutiny (1857-1858)
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  • 10mm Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-1880)
    10mm Second Anglo-Afghan War (1878-1880)
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    This was the second time British India invaded Afghanistan. The war ended after the British emerged victorious against various Afghan forces, and the Afghans agreed to let the British attain all of their geopolitical objectives from the Treaty of Gandamak. Most of the British and Indian soldiers withdrew from Afghanistan. The Afghan tribes were permitted to maintain internal rule and local customs but they had to cede control of the area's foreign relations to the British who, in turn, guaranteed the area's freedom from foreign military domination as a buffer between the British Raj and the Russian Empire.

  • 10mm Zulu War (1879)
    10mm Zulu War (1879)
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  • 10mm Sudan/Egypt (1882-1885)
    10mm Sudan/Egypt (1882-1885)
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    The Sudan/Egypt range covers the years from 1882-1885, and specifically the forces engaged in the Mahdist War, one of the British colonial wars of the time period (late 19th century) which was initially fought between the Mahdist Sudanese of the religious leader Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah, who had proclaimed himself the "Mahdi" of Islam (the "Guided One"), and the forces of the Khedivate of Egypt, but later grew to engage the forces of Britain.
    PLEASE NOTE: You can use figures from other periods in the Colonial range to fill out your forces as much of the basic uniforms and equipment remained the same during the period.

  • 10mm Boer War (1899-1902)
    10mm Boer War (1899-1902)
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    The Second Boer War started on 11 October 1899 and ended on 31 May 1902. Great Britain defeated two Boer states in South Africa: the South African Republic (Republic of Transvaal) and the Orange Free State. Britain was aided by its Cape Colony, the Colony of Natal and some native African allies. The British war effort was further supported by volunteers from the British Empire, including Southern Africa, the Australian colonies, Canada, India and New Zealand. All other nations were neutral but with public opinion from these nations largely hostile to Britain.

  • 10mm Russo-Japan War (1905)
    10mm Russo-Japan War (1905)
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    Russian and Japanese ambitions clashed in Korea and Manchuria, leading to a short but bloody war that foretold of the carnage to come ten years later in the Great War. This range can be supplemented by proxies from other Pendraken ranges such as the Russo-Turkish War and WW1 Ranges.