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The mobilization of the Bavarian army in 1866 was only concluded on 22 June, by which time the Prussian army was almost in Bohemia. The war went very badly for the Bavarians as Prince Karl, who was hurrying to the aid of the Kingdom of Hanover when he heard of the Hanoverians' defeat at the Battle of Langensalza, was subsequently unable to link up with the western forces of the Confederation under Prince Alexander of Hesse. As a result, the Bavarian troops withdrew to Bad Kissingen, before withdrawing to Schweinfurt and Würzburg.

The difficulties of the Bavarian army were attributed mainly to the Bavarian parliament who did not see itself as being able to accomplish manoeuvres above the brigade level. As a result, King Ludwig II appointed veteran General Siegmund von Pranckh as the new War Minister whose contributions were crucial to the modernization of the Bavarian Army. When relations worsened between Prussia and France in 1870, von Prankh mobilized the two Bavarian army corps to fight with the Prussians. They stormed Wissembourg and took part in the Battles of Wörth, Beaumont, Sedan and the Siege of Paris.

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