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Battle Ready Bases: Badlands - RoundLip 30mm



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Battle Ready Bases: Badlands - Round Lip 30mm

GamersGrass Battle Ready Bases come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and scenics intended to provide the most realistic look possible to your finished models.

About this Product

Badlands Bases feature a fantastic ferric reddish tone with clay colored arid soils, spotted occasionally with dry grasses. We recommend using these bases to simulate extensively eroded habitats such as the "Grand Canyon", post-apocalyptic settings, or even alien landscapes.

GamersGrass Badlands Bases are fully compatible with Deep-Cut Studio Badlands Mats.

Package Information

This pack contains 8 round lip Battle Ready Bases 30mm wide in a badlands theme.

Note: All Battle Ready Bases are sold already painted and finished by hand.

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