Get your Model Air Acrylic Airbrush Paint for models and miniatures by Acrylicos Vallejo at Dark Horse Hobbies - Today!

Using new resins, the strength, resistance and covering power of Model Air is superior to any acrylic airbrush color currently available and also allows for application with a brush for the smallest details of the model, for washes and transparencies and layered application of diluted glazes.

Colors can be mixed with one another, diluted with water, Model Air Thinner or Varnish, according to the desired effect, though best results are achived with the use of Model Air Thinner since this product conserves the properties of the colors. Model Air adheres exceptionally well to all surfaces. The adhesion of Model Air to resin models, plastics, steel and white metal is extraordinary. Once protected with varnish, (Gloss, Matte or Satin) Model Air can be overpainted with solvent based enamels or oilcolours: they withstand cleaning with turpentine and even a light wash with alcohol. The resistance to abrasion of the colors, once varnished, is superior to any other waterbased acrylic.

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Showing 1 - 24 of 223 items

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