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Cyberpunk Red: Arasaka Faction Starter Box

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Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone

Arasaka Faction Starter Box

Night City, 2045. You are the leader of a cyber-enhanced gang. The air is thick with smog and tension as you watch your rivals lurk in the shadows, and brace for another brutal clash. Welcome to the Combat Zone. In these lawless neon-bathed streets, you dominate or die.

In the time of the Red, every city has a Combat Zone: an area of the city where the law doesn't reach and cyber-enhanced gangs fight for control over the streets.

The Arasaka Corporation is a worldwide megacorporation dealing in corporate security, banking, and manufacturing. The Arasaka Corporation maintains the largest and most powerful armed forces of any corporation in the world!

This box set includes all the miniatures and cards you need to field a complete Arasaka starter gang in your games of Combat Zone!

Package Contains

  • 6 x Arasaka Miniatures
  • 13 x Arasaka Character Cards
  • 1 x Arasaka Scenario Card
  • 5 x Program Cards
  • 21 x Arasaka Objective Cards
  • 35 x Arasaka Gear Cards
  • 40 x Arasaka Loot Deck Cards

More Information

  • Scale: 28mm (1:56)
  • Materials: Hard Plastic

Models supplied unpainted, may require assembly - glue and paint not included.

Please Note:Models supplied unassembled and unpainted - scenery, glue and paint not included unless otherwise noted. Contents may vary from those shown.

Models and Scenery may be made from Plastic, Metal, Resin, or MDF and may require pre-assembly cleaning as well as personal protective equipment or special precautions during the cleaning process. (see model assembly and/or safety instructions for details)
Images:At Dark Horse Hobbies we strive to ensure that images are a correct representation of the product - though contents may vary from that shown or depicted.

Painted images are provided where possible for you to visualize what the model can look like when completed. Various factors can affect the quality of the finished model - individual results may vary.
Scale Note:While these models are "officially" 28mm Scale Miniatures they will work well with most any other 25mm Heroic Scale or 25-28mm scale models.
Caution:(Choking Hazard) Small Parts; keep away from children under 14 years old or individuals who have a tendency to put inedible objects in their mouths. See package details for more information.
Availability:Special Orders, Pre-Orders and Back Orders are subject to availability.