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Warlord: Overlords - Merack, Onyx Phalanx Sergeant

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Warlord: Overlords - Merack, Onyx Phalanx Sergeant

Warlord takes place in the war-torn land of Taltos in the world of Adon. The region of Taltos is a place of dry, blistering summers and mild winters with various local leaders and their forces battling for control of their own destinies. They battle for the power to become Warlords and becoming legends by their own hand - some are just and fair while others are cruel and capricious. Life in Taltos is brutal, but there is a fortune to be made and eternal fame to be won.

The Inquisitors of Malvernis have taken an interest in the city of Craclaw, and the Overlords court their deadly power. The Overlords desire control and power, enough to sacrifice anything, even their own lives, to gain power that none can withstand. Ashkrypt, an Overlord and Lich, will use the Inquisitors to get what he wants, and then he will discard them, as he does with the people of Craclaw. There is power to be taken in Taltos, and the Overlords know the strengths and weaknesses of their enemies. They lead armies intent to control the people of the land, and will give no quarter to any that oppose them.

Merack is a grizzled old veteran who takes pride in the precision with which his troops perform. At a time when most old Sergeants are sitting in the inn, drinking an ale and regaling the youngsters of days gone by, Merack has been seduced by General Matisse's vision and flattery. When he began his quest for martial knowledge, the General sought out these veteran warriors, the Sergeants who lead men in the trenches, from nations all across the north. Learning from their wisdom of tactics and their ability to shape fighting men, the General has become acknowledged as one of the great tactical minds on Taltos. To show his respect for these veterans, he gave them charge of his most elite troops, the Onyx Phalanx. Though advanced in years, Merack still possesses the combat skills to make him a serious force in battle. His ability to coordinate the men under his command is his strongest suit, and this is what makes the Onyx Phalanx so deadly. General Matisse strongly prizes Merack's knowledge of battlefield tactics, and many are the times when his tactical intuition has turned the tide of Battle for the Onyx Legion.

More Information:

  • Contains: 1 miniature figure model
  • Sculpted by Todd Harris
  • Scale: 25mm Heroic
  • Materials: Lead-Free Pewter
  • Tabbed figure on plastic slotted base

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