Warlord: Nefsokar - Tomb Guards Army Pack

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Warlord: Nefsokar - Tomb Guards Adept Army Pack

Warlord takes place in the war-torn land of Taltos in the world of Adon. The region of Taltos is a place of dry, blistering summers and mild winters with various local leaders and their forces battling for control of their own destinies. They battle for the power to become Warlords and becoming legends by their own hand - some are just and fair while others are cruel and capricious. Life in Taltos is brutal, but there is a fortune to be made and eternal fame to be won.

The almost-forgotten god Sokar has awakened from his great sleep. He has remembered the oaths of the warriors of ages past who bound their souls to serve him throughout eternity. Sokar has summoned his greatest servants back from the lands of the dead. The greatest of them, Khufu, the supreme priest-king of the Sokari, again leads his people into the Mehet Hesep - the Northern Gardens - where Sokar will rule again. Together with the Khamsin, a tribe that has never forgotten the ways of Sokar, Khufu will restore the cities of old, recover the plundered temples of his people, and repay the injuries of the outsiders to his Kingdom. Sokar has risen, and so has the desert itself.

Bodyguards, captains, and gladiators, Tomb Guards lived as warriors and died to serve their mummified masters in death, all for the glory of Sokar. Now they are risen again in service to their old masters and their vengeful god.

Some awoke to find their masters still in slumber. Others awaken in the midst of a full-scale mobilization. A lucky few have returned in the middle of a robbery or desecration. Tales of the dead rising to defend their dusty treasures are not uncommon, and those few who might escape spread horrible tales of fully-armored mummies stepping from their sarcophagi to do battle.

Tomb Guards are fully possessed of their faculties and reason. They serve intelligently and obediently, even though they know their time in such a state is limited. Their bodies are tough and very strong. They can be recovered after a battle and restored, more or less, to their former functionality by skilled priests. But an untimely fireball, a very hungry krungbeast, or a berserking dwarf's axe can destroy them beyond repair.

In such a case, the Tomb Guard's soul will begin to wander with no place to rest. The lucky ones find their way to a skilled magician or priest and are returned as Chosen. The unlucky ones wander for ages and slowly lose their grip on reality. When found, such unfortunates are returned as Reborn.

More Information:

  • Contains: 8 miniature figure models
  • Sculpted by Bob Ridolfi
  • Scale: 25mm Heroic
  • Materials: Lead-Free Pewter
  • Tabbed figures on plastic slotted base

Models supplied unpainted - some assembly required

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Warlord: Nefsokar - Tomb Guards Army Pack

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