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10mm Medieval (Late European): 100YW French Army Pack



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Pendraken 10mm Medieval (Late European) 100YW French Army Pack

The Late Medieval period saw the advent of Plate Armor, among many advances in weapons and defenses through the 15th and 16th centuries. Plate Armoured figures from this line would be found in conflicts beginning with the later part of the Hundred Years War (1337-1453). Other figures from the High Medieval (or Mid Medieval) period can also be used with these figures as the use of mail, brigandine and gambeson remained common forms of armor for lesser (common) troop types until around the 16th or 17th centuries.

The Hundred Years' War was a series of conflicts from 1337 to 1453, waged between the House of Plantagenet, rulers of England and the French House of Valois, over the right to rule the Kingdom of France. Each side drew many allies into the war. It was one of the most notable conflicts of the Middle Ages, in which five generations of kings from two rival dynasties fought for the throne of the largest kingdom in Western Europe.

Package Contains:

  • 1x C in C Knight
  • 15x knights
  • 40x longbow
  • 40x crossbow
  • 10x handgunners
  • 30x bill
  • 30x spear
  • 30x peasants
  • 2x medium guns

More Information:

  • Scale: 10mm (1:150)
  • Materials: White Metal

Models supplied unpainted, may require assembly

Please Note:Models supplied unpainted and may require assembly. Scenery, glue and paint not included unless otherwise noted.
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Caution:Pendraken Miniatures white metal products contain lead and are not suitable for children under 12 years of age. (Choking Hazard)
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