Oak & Iron: Black Beard's Revenge Expansion

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Oak and Iron - 1/600 Tall Ships Age of Sail Game

Black Beard's Revenge Expansion

Firelock Games - Oak & Iron

Oak & Iron is a 1/600th scale naval game set in the age of piracy, imperial expansion, and above all, fighting sail. It allows players to recreate battles between small fleets and squadrons of armed sailing ships. The game is designed to be simple and intuitive while also challenging players by providing significant tactical depth, being true to the theme and tactics of the period, and supplying significant flavor for the various factions represented in the game.


  • 2 plastic ship models:
    • Queen Anne's Revenge
    • Revenge
  • 2x clear plastic ship bases
  • 2x ship cards
  • 1x Stede Bonnet Captain card
  • All necessary tokens and counters

More Information

  • Package Weight: 1lbs
  • Pkge Dimensions: 5 × 8 × 2 in
  • Scale: 1:600
  • Material: Plastic

Miniatures supplied unpainted - assembly required.

This is not a complete game experience.
You must own a Firelock Games - Oak & Iron Core Set to play with the Oak & Iron game system.

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Oak & Iron: Black Beard's Revenge Expansion

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