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1/32 Boer War - Boer Commandos 1899-1902 New

1/32 Boer War - Boer Commandos 1899-1902

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1/32 Scale Boer War - Boer Commandos 1899-1902

Armies in Plastic, Inc. are the designers and manufacturers of these historically-accurate plastic toy soldiers, depicting armies and battles from around the world and throughout history.

Same figures as in 5424 in Blue and Tan plastic.

Package Contains:

  • 16x Plastic Figures (8 poses)

More Information

  • Scale: 1/32 Scale (54mm) [~2.5in tall]
  • Materials: Soft Plastic

Please Note: Due to costs involved in changind the steel dies, most bases still say "Made in China" - however all manufacturing has been fully returned to USA production.