Modern Micronauts (Japanese Navy): LST 4001 Osumi Dock Landing Ship


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Modern - 1:2400 Scale Warship Miniatures

Modern Micronauts (Japanese Navy): LST 4001 Osumi Class Dock Landing Ship

The Ōsumi class LST, is a Japanese amphibious transport dock. The class is also known as the Oosumi class. While the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force describes the Ōsumi class as tank landing ships, they lack the bow doors and beaching capability traditionally associated with LSTs. Functionally, their well deck makes the Ōsumi class more like a dock landing ship (LSD).

As of 2014 there are 3 Ōsumi vessels active with the JMSDF.

Modern Micronauts are 1:2400 (1”=200’) scale miniature metal waterline models of the warships of the world’s navies roughly from the 1950s to present. These precision metal castings will amaze you with their detail and accuracy including turrets and gun mounts, deck hatching, cranes, catapults, etc. So if you have an interest in the sea and the weapons, battles or histories of the most sophisticated warships of the 21st century, then you’ll want to get started on your fleet right away. Micronauts are the perfect warship models for collectors and new wargaming admirals alike.


  • 1x LST 4001 Osumi class dock landing ship model kit
  • Scale: 1:2400
  • Material: White Metal

Miniatures supplied unpainted - assembly required.

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Modern Micronauts (Japanese Navy): LST 4001 Osumi Dock Landing Ship

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