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  • Dropzone Commander
    Dropzone Commander
    Shop Dark Horse Hobbies for your Dropzone Commander Game Miniatures and Supplies

    A Golden Age of humanity has passed into history. A time when mankind
    advanced implacably and unopposed through the stars has gone beyond living memory.

    Planet Earth and the original Cradle Worlds are lost to the great foe, the Scourge.
    The shattering invasion of this terrible enemy has torn the domains of man asunder.

    The remnants of human civilisation now exist in a collection of frontier planets.
    Thinly spread and underdeveloped, they are pale shadows of mankind's former glories...

    The armies of the United Colonies of Mankind march towards humanities' former heartland,
    battling the dreaded Scourge one world at a time. Many enemies and allies await on this journey;
    an odyssey through the stars towards a distant and glittering goal - Earth.

  • Dropfleet Commander
    Dropfleet Commander
    Shop Dark Horse Hobbies for Dropfleet Commander Tabletop Wargame complete with Miniatures, Scenery and More!

    Dropfleet Commander is a planetary invasion wargame where players command destructive fleets of void capable ships and battle for control of planets, fighting for the future of mankind itself!

    You will take command of orbital battle fleets vying for control of the Cradle Worlds; Humanity’s home planets for hundreds of years, now under the tyrannical control of the parasitic Scourge race.

  • Combat Assault Vehicle
    Combat Assault Vehicle
    Shop Dark Horse Hobbies for your Combat Assault Vehicle [C.A.V.] Tabletop Wargame complete with Miniatures, Scenery and More!

    Fun, Fast, and Furious Futuristic Battles

    The UCOR war is over, but the seeds of discord it planted bore bitter fruit, the Second Galactic War. Choose your political alignment in this new era and join up as the various factions struggle for dominance.

  • AVP: The Hunt Begins
    AVP: The Hunt Begins
    Shop Dark Horse Hobbies for AVP: The Hunt Begins Boardgame complete with additional Miniatures and More!

    The Boxed Game AvP – The Hunt Begins is a self-contained gaming experience, a fusion of mission and narrative driven Board Game and Tabletop Wargame.

  • Warzone Resurrection
    Warzone Resurrection

    Mutant Chronicles: Warzone Resurrection

    Warzone Resurrection 2.0 is a fast paced, exciting tactical miniatures game set in the Mutant Chronicles World. With highly detailed 32mm scale miniatures to build your tabletop armies with, the best skirmishes in the universe are yours for the taking.

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