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    Naval Miniatures
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    The Walking Dead
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    The Walking Dead: All Out War!

    • 28mm Scale Walking Dead Miniatures
    • Unpainted models that may require assembly

    All Out War is a game of fast-paced, head-to-head skirmishes in the world of the Walking Dead. Assemble a group of your favorite characters from best-selling comic series, kit them out with a variety of weapons, items and abilities, and battle to achieve dominance in the Walker-strewn Atlanta cityscape.

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    Bones Miniatures
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  • Chronoscope
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    Reaper Chronoscope Miniatures

    • 25mm Heroic Scale Non-Fantasy, Multi-Genre Miniatures
    • Tabbed figures on plastic slotted bases
    • Unpainted metal models that may require assembly
    • The best choice for modern and sci-fi roleplayers, miniatures painters, and wargamers

    Chronoscope figures are designed to be versatile and flexible. The line includes cowboys, sci-fi soldiers, superheroes and everything in between! These figures are perfect for Gamers, Collectors and useful for just about any RPG game you may have going on as well!

    Whether you're a Game Master who needs more enemies to stock your battlefield, a player who is looking for just the right miniature or set of miniatures to represent your character, a wargamer looking to beef up your army, or a hobbyist who is looking for the best in creative and detailed miniatures, Chronoscope miniatures are the right choice for you!

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