Flames of War (WWII): German Fallschirmjager Company


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Flames Of War: World War II German Fallschirmjager Company

Flames Of War is a company level WWII miniatures game where you command forces in Europe or North Africa, re-creating actual battles, or fighting missions verses other Flames of War armies. There is always a new challenge behind the next hedgerow!

Some of the best infantry units fielded by the Germans during World War Two were the regiments of the Fallschirmjägerdivisions or parachute divisions. Although they were actually Luftwaffe troops, by the time the Normandy campaign had begun these units were subordinated to Army command.

From the rocky peaks of Cassino to the lush fields around Arnheim, the Fallschirmjäger were well respected by their opponents and were equally adept at attack and defence.

Box Contains:

  • 4x Command teams
  • 1x Panzerschreck team
  • 18x Rifle/MG teams
  • 4x Optional Panzerfaust figures
  • 4x Optional Panzerknacker figures

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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Flames of War (WWII): German Fallschirmjager Company

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