Dropzone Commander: Shaltari - Samurai (6)

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Shaltari Tribes - Samurai Infantry

Samurai live for the joy of battle, eschewing larger walker or more nimble skimmer vehicles to stride through the warzone in a heavy warsuit. Such units are often made up of secondborn Shaltari, or those who have achieved enough renown with Firstborn squads to merit the use of such a suit. For many they are the stepping stone between infantry fighting and the more aloof tactics of battle and war strider combat.

In armament and tactics they share the style of Firstborns, but may also skirmish over large areas of the whole battlefield rather than stay contained to a close fight. Bio-atomiser weaponry takes the place of wave guns, stripping the flesh from enemy infantry with ease, where an underslung energy glave replaces their energy blades but maintains their close offensive capability; a Samurai pilot’s blood always flows hot with the desire to destroy their enemies eye to eye.

Experimental rules for the Samurai are available from the downloads tab above

More Information:

  • 6x Samurai per blister
  • 10mm Scale
  • 3 White Metal Components each
  • Supplied with Eight 45mm x 22mm injection moulded plastic bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted



Experimental Rules 1.0 - Shaltari Samurai Troops

Download (764.67k)

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Dropzone Commander: Shaltari - Samurai (6)

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