Dropzone Commander: Shaltari - Pungari Auxiliaries (8)

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Shaltari Tribes - Pungari Auxiliaries Infantry

The discovery of the Cradle Worlds and very foundation of the UCM can be traced to the first contact with the Shaltari and their help in exploring the galaxy. However, the less than altruistic designs that the Shaltari apparently had for using humanity as cannon fodder quickly put to rest any thoughts of a long term alliance. In the Pungari, it seems the Shaltari have found a much more pliant (if less capable) race to exploit. Despite their obvious mental and technological inferiority to their masters, they are slavishly devoted to the Shaltari and appear willing to die in large numbers for them should one be present to witness their sacrifice.

Experimental rules and full background for the Pungari Auxiliary Infantry are available from the downloads tab above

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  • Eight 5-warsuit stands per blister
  • 10mm Scale
  • 40 White metal figures
  • Supplied with Eight 45mm x 22mm injection moulded plastic bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted



Experimental Rules 1.0 - Shaltari Pungari Auxiliary Troops

Download (762.18k)

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Dropzone Commander: Shaltari - Pungari Auxiliaries (8)

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