Dropzone Commander: Resistance - M20 Zhukov (2)

DZC 25014

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Resistance - M20 Zhukov (Anti-Aircraft Tank)

The M20 Zhukov is based on the M9 Hannibal hull and shares its renowned resilience as well as its weaknesses. However, the Zhukov takes the complexity and expense of the M9 to a whole new level. It was only available in limited numbers before the invasion and is ever rarer today. It is equipped with one of the first magnetic accelerator weapons ever mounted to a production tank, the 32mm Rail Cannon. Compared to the railguns employed by the UCM, the weapon is underpowered, massively complex, heavy and ruinously expensive, but, the Zhukov is different to modern designs in that it employs this weapon in the anti-air role. While the small calibre of the 32mm lacks punch against tanks, it is utterly devastating against slow moving aircraft. A single hit from this weapon can bring down most modern day medium dropships from long range. Its terrible rate of fire (for an AA weapon) makes it much less effective against fast movers such as fighters.

More Information:

  • 2x M20 Zhukov AA Tanks per blister
  • 10mm Scale
  • Length: 47mm (gun forward)
  • 2 Resin Components and 1 White Metal Component each

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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Dropzone Commander: Resistance - M20 Zhukov (2)

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