Dropzone Commander: Resistance - J19 Hellhog Jumpjet

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Resistance - J19 Hellhog (Heavy Strike Jumpjet)

The J19 Hellhog is a truly dangerous heavy strike jumpjet, designed primarily for the ground attack role. It is one of the only fighters operated by the Resistance as its VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) capabilities have allowed it to operate from small, concealed bases far from any serviceable runway. Its excellent weather proofing allows it to continue functioning even in the most oppressive environments; from icy caves to fetid swamps. Coupled with its respectable range, the Hellhog can strike almost anywhere, from almost anywhere. Such capabilities make the J19 superb for supporting an insurgency although ironically they made it suffer during the Scourge invasion. It has a low cruise speed due to the heavy VTOL system and its pilots were poorly drilled at the time. As a result, most were destroyed on the ground or picked off by faster Scourge Corsairs. Although it can be equipped with air-to-air missiles, it has always had a lacklustre record in dogfights.

More Information:

  • 1x J19 Hellhog per blister
  • 10mm Scale
  • Wingspan: 83mm
  • 5 Resin Components
  • Supplied with 1x polished clear acrylic flying bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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Dropzone Commander: Resistance - J19 Hellhog Jumpjet

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