Dropzone Commander: PHR - Taranis MLRS Battery (2)

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Post-Human Republic (PHR) - Taranis MLRS Battery (Multiple Launch Rocket Sytem)

The Taranis is essentially built around the massive RXs-4 ‘Constellation’ Multiple Launch Rocket System. With this specialised weapon, the Taranis is able to bring a steel rain of heavy stealth missiles down on enemy units from a concealed position.

As an indirect fire artillery piece, the Taranis is best employed towards the rear of the frontline and behind cover, where it can operate beyond the reach of enemy fire. Due to its modus-operandi, the Taranis foregoes heavy armour in favour of heavier munitions. Prudent commanders normally provide Taranis batteries with anti-air cover, since they are particularly vulnerable to attack from the skies.

While devastating against vehicles at short range, the RXs-4 is particularly effective against targets without the luxury of active countermeasures. To demolish structures, missiles can be set to detonate after penetration, further increasing their explosive potential. To slaughter massed infantry formations, they can be detonated in air-burst mode, spreading lethal shrapnel over a wide area.

More Information:

  • Two models per blister
  • 10mm Scale
  • Length: 41mm (weapon system forward)
  • Width: 21mm (weapon system forward)
  • 3 Resin Components each

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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Dropzone Commander: PHR - Taranis MLRS Battery (2)

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